AI and the end of Honest Marketing

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AI is the end of marketing. It's not going away, but it's changing the game. The goal of marketing has always been to create a customer experience that leads to sales. When you think about it, that makes sense; good marketing is an effective way to reach customers who are likely interested in your product or service. What's more, it builds brand loyalty by allowing consumers to experience an emotional connection with your company via high-quality content or products/services that speak directly to their needs as well as their wants and desires."

The old way did not work well

Computers can create this (a blog post) faster than us

In the past, humans created content. We would write articles and blog posts, make videos and do podcasts. And then we'd have to wait for someone else to translate those ideas into something that could be posted online.

But with AI-enabled tools like Automated Insights (AI) or Buzzsumo (AI), you can create a blog post in seconds. It's no longer necessary for people who are not writers or bloggers to create content—they just need a little bit of help from their computers! This has been true for years now; however, it's also true that consumers don't realize how artificial this process is because they're rarely exposed to how much time and effort goes into making something look natural on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram - which means nobody knows when they're being manipulated by fake news stories disguised as traditional journalism or other types of content marketed as "real."

Marketing is no longer honest, because computers can make content so fast.

In the past, marketing was about creating content that was both authentic and useful. But now computers are making content so fast that we can't tell what is real anymore. The end of marketing as we know it has arrived!

Marketers will be replaced by AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms, which will write copy for you while wrapping up your gifts or handing out coupons at Starbucks. They'll also handle customer service calls and even order takeout if you're eating dinner at home after a long day at work! And don't worry—they'll still have some human touch added into their personality because they learned how to empathize with customers during their training period with humans who taught them about this stuff before being deployed into the world where everyone is connected 24/7 via social media accounts like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more...


The problem with all of this is that it's not clear what the end game is. Are we just going to be living in some sort of computer simulation where we have no idea whether or not these kinds of things are real? Or worse yet, do we live in a reality where everything we've been told by marketing teams and corporations is actually false

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