Dec 28, 2021Last modified April 2, 2023


I've been messing around with a React implementation of The Lounge lately (for no real reason except that I can) and wanted a functional way to use Mousetrap, which TL already uses. The below hook let me replace the Vue use of Mousetrap (which was pretty much vanilla JS) in a React-like fashion. For bonus typing, add @types/mousetrap to your project.

Usage is pretty simple:

useMousetrap("escape", (evt, combo) => {
}, "keypress")
import mousetrap from "mousetrap"
import { useEffect, useRef } from "react"

const useMousetrap = (
handlerKey: string | string[],
handlerCallback: (evt: KeyboardEvent, combo: string) => void,
evtType?: "keypress" | "keydown" | "keyup",
) => {
let actionRef = useRef(handlerCallback)

useEffect(() => {
(evt: KeyboardEvent, combo: string) => {
typeof actionRef.current === "function" && actionRef.current(evt, combo)
return () => {
}, [evtType, handlerKey])

export default useMousetrap

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