Dec 31, 2021

My macOS programs and setup

In the off-chance you're reading this today, happy new year! If you're reading this later, I hope $CURRENT_YEAR is treating you well.

Before this post, I kept a list of my programs in my iCloud in case my computer broke or I was setting up a work laptop. After some recent events, I trust iCloud less than I once did, and figured the list can live here instead. Like the rest of my blog, this exists for me but hopefully you find it useful too. I plan to write an Arch Linux version of this soon.

I try to use open-source where I can. If you know of an alternative to the few closed applications I use, please let me know!

  • Firefox Nightly
  • VisualStudio Code
  • iTerm 2
  • BetterTouchTool allows advanced customization of the touchbar ($9 after 45 days)
  • Homebrew is a package manager
    • Handles installing Xcode developer tools
  • Rectangle lets you resize and snap windows with your keyboard Image of the Rectangle settings showing it has many options
  • Fish is user-friendly shell (seriously, I hate zsh/bash now)
  • NextDNS is a secure DNS service (I downloaded the macOS client from the App Store)
  • LastPass is my password manager, but I'm currently looking to start self-hosting.
  • Insomnia is my favorite REST client
  • IINA is a nice media player
  • VIA Configurator configures my keyboard
  • Lagrange for viewing Gemini articles
  • yarn is my node package manager of choice
  • MySQL Workbench for managing my few MySQL servers
  • TeXMaker for the rare times I need to write LaTeX
  • I'm going to try and use the Slack and Zoom browser versions
  • Qemu: brew install qemu
  • thefuck: brew install thefuck, command line correction tool
    • Add thefuck --alias | source to ~/.config/fish/
  • imagemagick: brew install imagemagick
  • ffmpeg: brew install ffmpeg

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