Max Leiter

Full-stack developer, hacker, student, and open-source enthusiast.

Projects I started

X11 on iOS

website / Hacker News / screenshot

Patched, compiled, and packaged X11 (plus a distribution's worth of other packages) for jailbroken iOS devices.


GitHub / website / demo

A lightweight and vanilla JavaScript micro-library for generating collapsible HTML trees from JSON data.


App Store / Google Play

Annie is the official app for the University of Southern California's Annenberg Media Center, written with React, Redux, and material-ui.

Projects I work on



HackSC is Southern California's largest hackathon with over 800+ attendees.


GitHub / website

An open-source unix-like operating system for z80-based calculators written entirely in z80 asm. I wrote and currently maintain the C libraries.

The Lounge

GitHub / website / demo

A self-hosted, always-on IRC client built with Node.js, Vue, and other web technologies. Contributions include maintaining the demo, rich media embeds, the IRC bot, and more.